Luxury Toilet Paper Designed To Impress. Luxury Toilet Paper Designed To Impress.

What is everyone saying?

What is everyone saying?
We recently implemented a reviews platform for Peekapoo... and we honnestly did not expect to be so excited when we receive your incredible, hilarious positive reviews. The highlight of our day is reading what our customers have to say about their experience with Peekapoo.
I mean... we think our product is pretty amazing, but hearing it from you guys... We love it!

We are all about Bamboo at Peekapoo. Our toilet paper is made from 100% FSC bamboo, including the core itself. Using bamboo is more sustainable for the planet because bamboo plantations are low maintenance and require little water. You can care about the planet with each wipe!

Read from our customers with real reviews commenting their personal and fabulous experience with our Peekapoo bamboo toilet paper.

Practical and pretty!
Words cannot explain how superior this toilet paper is to other brands. Yes the packaging is super luxe and is fit for any high-vibe queen! But the paper itself is perfection! Strong and soft, thick and does the job far better than any other toilet tissue out there. Please do your bum a favour and level up, you can afford it! xx
- Rachi


I switched out our old brand for Peekapoo months ago and my family haven’t even noticed so clearly it is good for the environment and good for me. So easy to order and fast delivery so no more loo paper dramas for us!
- Allira

Best toilet paper I've tried
After having a subscription with a similar service but not being totally happy, I recently changed to peak a poo and I found the delivery, packaging and quality of the toilet paper to be much better, much softer and easier to use!!! Would highly recommend :)

Love it!
Very happy with Peekapoo. It’s so soft and thicker than I expected. Swapped from a different bulk toilet paper supplier because we much preferred this one!

Beautiful TP
I never thought I would look at toilet paper and think beautiful lol. These how ever are stunning and all my clients in my salon have commented saying how pretty they look. Plus it’s really a lot softer than I expected. Very pleased