Premium Luxury Toilet Paper Designed To Impress. Premium Luxury Toilet Paper Designed To Impress.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I manage and change my subscription?

To manage your subscription you MUST have an account with us.

To do this, login in or create an account using the same email address you have used before or intend to use to handle your subscriptions. Use this link.

Once you are logged into your account you will see your subscriptions. Here you can change, pause and cancel as you please.

Where is the toilet paper made?

All our products are sourced from China from certified FSC factories.

How much is shipping and do you offer express?

We offer LIVE shipping rates from our two chosen courier partners, Aramex and Australia Post. The pricing you see at the checkout will be dependant on your address and how what you have in your cart. Our LIVE rates are exactly what we pay and we do not add a margin.

We are a small business with one dispatch center based in the QLD. Shipping rurally and to states like SA, WA, VIC and Northern QLD can be expensive. At this time, unlike other toilet paper companies we don't not offer free shipping due to our one fulfilment center and its high costs.

We don't offer express shipping.

How do we make the paper white?

Our toilet paper is fragrance, toxin and dye free. Chlorine-free bleaching agents, such as hydrogen peroxide, are commonly used in bamboo toilet paper production. These agents break down the remaining color compounds and brighten the fibers. Importantly, these processes are designed to be environmentally friendly, leaving behind minimal chemical residue.

Why do we only have bamboo paper?

All our toilet paper and tissues are made from 100% FSC Bamboo. Compared to conventional paper trees, bamboo uses less water in the 'paper-making process' and it starts to regrow straight after it's been cut down with zero replanting. It's said to produce up to 35% more oxygen than trees and can absorb 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare per year. It's known to be the most sustainable product on earth.

What ply and colour is Peekapoo Paper?

3-Ply and once you unwrap the colourful paper it is a nice crisp white.

How many rolls in a box and how many sheets on a roll?

Each roll has 370 sheets or double the length of a standard toilet roll. We offer three box sizes - 12, 24 and 48 Rolls.

Is bamboo toilet paper septic safe?

Bamboo toilet paper is perfectly safe for septic systems as it is 100% biodegradable and more specifically, toilet paper is deigned to dissolve as soon as it meets water, this includes bamboo toilet paper. Be sure to check with your septic manufacturer if you are unsure.

Can I use a discount code for my subscription?

When setting up and purchasing a subscription you will automatically receive a 10% discount. To ensure this happens make sure you select the subscription option on the product page.

You won't be able to use another discount code when checkout out your subscription service.

If you would like to use a discount code at the checkout be sure you have a one-time purchase in your cart.

Delivery times and ordering multiple items

Metro deliveries can expect their order to arrive between 2-5 working days, rural areas can expect up to 10 days. 

Please note, each box of toilet paper and tissues boxes are assigned with their own shipping label within the same shipping consignment and dispatched together. Unfortunately, we can't control the placement of the boxes (in the same consignment) meaning some orders can be split up (put onto different trucks and vans) and may arrive at different times. 

Can I buy a subscription to Peekapoo?

Yes! You can click the subscription product under Shop

Can we wholesale Peekapoo for our establishemnt?

Yse, email us at or apply using this here to purchase wholesale. Our MOQ start from 5 boxes.