welcome to your cutest TP subscription ever. welcome to your cutest TP subscription ever.


Why do we use bamboo?

All our toilet paper is made from 100% FSC Bamboo, Click here to read more about why we use Bamboo.

What ply and colour is Peekapoo Paper?

3-Ply and once you unwrap the colourful paper it is a nice crisp white

How many rolls in a box and how many sheets on a roll?

Each roll has 370 sheets or double the length of a standard toilet roll. We only offer one box size at this time and it has 48 rolls.

Are there any chemicals or toxins?

Our toilet paper is toxin free and dye free

Is bamboo toilet paper septic safe?

Bamboo toilet paper is septic safe as it is 100% biodegradable. Your septic system will LOVE bamboo toilet paper!

How much is shipping and do you offer express?

We have Live Shipping Rates at our checkout. The price to ship your TP will depend on where you live. Our live rates are exactly what we pay and do not add a margin. Unfortunately we do not offer express shipping at this time.

Do we ship to PO boxes or Parcel Lockers?

No, our boxes are much too large for this. 

Delivery and ordering multiple items

We ship the same day, orders placed before 12:30pm. Metro deliveries can expect their order to arrive between 2-5 working days, Rural Areas can expect up to 10 days. 

Please note, each box of toilet paper and tissues are issued with their own shipping label within the same shipping consignment and dispatched together. Unfortunately, we can't control the placement of the boxes (in the same consignment) meaning some orders can be split up (put onto different trucks and vans) and may arrive at different times. 

How heavy is the box?

It is just under 8kg 

Can I buy a subscription to Peekapoo?

Yes! You can click the subscription product under Shop

Can I wholesale for my business and accommodation?

Email us at care@peekapoo.com.au or use this form here to purchase wholesale orders.

Got another question?

Email us at care@peekapoo.com.au or use this form here