Premium Luxury Toilet Paper Designed To Impress. Premium Luxury Toilet Paper Designed To Impress.

What makes us better than other subscriptions companies?

At Peekapoo, we prioritize quality over quantity. Unlike our competitors who focus on volume, we are dedicated to delivering superior quality in every roll. Our mission isn't to be the largest toilet paper supplier, but to provide the best product on the market. We take pride in this commitment to excellence and stand by our high standards.

From the moment you receive our product, you'll notice the difference in roll density. Unlike other brands, our rolls are tightly wound, ensuring they aren't squishy or loosely rolled. This means our toilet paper lasts significantly longer, so while you might pay a bit more upfront, you'll use less in the long run.

Our toilet paper boasts a clean, crisp white colour, free from the greyish or off-white tones found in other brands. This pristine white paper enhances the quality and aesthetics of your bathroom.

Our wraps are thoughtfully designed to complement your bathroom decor. We avoid bright, gimmicky, or offensive designs, ensuring our wraps blend seamlessly with your intentional interior design. Additionally, we do not display our logo or branding on the rolls, allowing them to accentuate your bathroom's style without distraction.