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Xmas Ornaments Made From TP Rolls

Xmas Ornaments Made From TP Rolls

Looking for some craft fun activities to do with the kids?

Do you have extra Peekapoo TP cardboard rolls left over?

Next time you go to chuck out your empty toilet roll insert, save them!
You can create so many cute DIY crafts with them and we have the perfect Christmas crafts exercise!

 We came across these gorgeous Christmas tree craft ornaments made from repurposed toilet roll inserts from Craft Klatch,
and had to share it with our Peekapoo Paper community!

They are easy to make and such a great way to repurpose all those left over rolls that would otherwise go in the recycling bin. 

You will need: 

- Scissors
       - Hot glue gun
     - Green yarn 
             - Clear drying glue
     - Green glitter
   - Gold glitter
                      - A little bit of fishing line
                              - Brown paint and paint brush

 Steps on how to transform your TP roll into a beautiful Christmas Tree 

1. Take a Peekapoo roll and cut down the middle once



3. Now it's time to see your Christmas tree come to life! (Almost). You will just need to cut the base so you
have a nice round, circle flat shape.

little glue every so often so the yarn continues to stick to the cone. Try to wrap the yarn around nice and tightly.
When you finish you can snip the end of the yarn and tuck it inside the cone, add a little glue so it sticks!

5. Once you tuck the little end underneath the bottom of the cone, it's then time to decorate and make your Christmas tree fancy with some glitter!
Dab some little dots of clear glue onto the yarn and sprinkle your beautiful green glitter over the top.


6. The star is up next! Grab a second empty TP roll and fold it in half and glue the inside together with a
piece of fishing line or string in the centre (do this in a loop so it can hang off the tree). The glueing of two sides is
so your star is double strength as-well (excuse the pun)....Sorry we just had to throw that joke in there :)
Draw a star with a pencil onto the cardboard and cut out your star shape when finished. After that, you can
add glue to your star (one side at a time) and add your beautiful gold glitter. 


7. Trunk time! Every tree has a trunk! Grab another empty Peekapoo Toilet paper roll and cut down the middle, then roll
into a cylinder shape and glue together. When the glue dries then paint your tree stump and attach it to the inside of your tree. 
Then glue your star to the inside of your tree, the little left over remaining piece of fishing line at the bottom of your star can
attach to the trunk for extra grip. 


The final product! Have you seen a toilet paper roll look more beautiful??
Thank you Craft Klatch for sharing this amazing DIY with us.
If any of our readers create their own Christmas Tree we would love to see!
Tag us so we can share @peekapoopaper


Christmas tree ornament hanging in tree