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Tiny House ~ Huge impact

Tiny House ~  Huge impact

Tiny living has become a huge movement over the last few years. Not only are tiny houses more affordable and a step toward economic sustainability, they are also a great way to reduce your footprint and live a more environmentally sustainable life. 

 Building a tiny home means using less materials and consumables. In many cases people are opting to recycle or up-cycle to create their ultimate space, adding personality and character in the process. 

 An average tiny house can use as little as 7% of a standard home’s energy. They need less lighting, heating and cooling, which is good news for the planet as well as your living expenses. 

 The smaller physical footprint of a tiny home leaves more for the environment. Less land clearing and more space for gardens and bushland are always a step in the right direction. Extra garden space also means more opportunities for composting, veggie gardens and maybe even a small sustainable farm. 

 Due to their low energy needs, tiny homes can be easily converted to be off-grid. All your electrical needs can come from sun, water from the sky and waste can be returned to the earth in the way of composting or grey-water recycling. 

 Tiny homes are designed so every space has a purpose, which requires mindfulness of the possessions you actually need. You no longer have a spare room full of the things long forgotten. Your space limitations leads to less clutter and more meaningful purchases in your life. 


Tiny houses are not for everyone but sustainability is. Our Peekapoo toilet paper and facial tissues are made from 100% FSC bamboo. We think bamboo is the king of sustainable paper based resources and you can read more about why here. Peekapoo products also come in the most lovesome packaging and look straight up adorable in any sized home.