Luxury Toilet Paper Designed To Impress. Luxury Toilet Paper Designed To Impress.

Social Cause.

Peekapoo is honoured to be working with Charity Water for their Social Contribution.

Charity Water is a Non-Profit Organisation who work endlessly to bring clean, safe drinking water to developing countries.

Peekapoo donates one percent of its toilet paper sales to Charity Water. This is a yearly donation paid directly to Charity Water at the end of the financial year.

Along with this Percentage-of-Sales donation, Andrew and Sandra-Lea are also a part of Charity Water's 'The Spring' program, a monthly donation where the pair donates as individuals and on behalf of their employees. This monthly donation increases as both of their companies grows.

To learn more about Charity Water, their impact and their financials please click here. 
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