Luxury Toilet Paper Designed To Impress. Luxury Toilet Paper Designed To Impress.

Why Bamboo TP?

Why Bamboo TP?


Peekapoo is made from 100% FSC bamboo because bamboo is strong, soft and mighty sustainable compared to 'tree' toilet paper.

Here's some of the reasons we think bamboo is the King of the Sustainability World:


  • Bamboo plantations are low maintenance and require little water

  • It grows super fast, in fact 30 x faster than conventional paper trees and requires no fertilisers

  • Doesn't require replanting, instead it continues to grow after its been cut, (from the same roots) over and over, year after year meaning

  • Soil underneath plantations are undisturbed, rich and healthy

  • Bamboo injects 35% more oxygen back into the atmosphere than trees

  • Absorbs up to 12 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare, per year